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About the Miss Onalaska Scholarship Program

The Miss Onalaska Scholarship Organization has been providing scholarship assistance and much more to young women in the Onalaska and West Salem communities since 1977.  With the addition of the Outstanding Teen program in 2013, the Miss Onalaska Organization is now reaching young women ages 13-26 that live, work full time, or go to school in LaCrosse and Trempealeau counties located in Western Wisconsin .  The Miss Onalaska Organization is a local preliminary to the Miss Wisconsin and Miss America programs.  Miss Onalaska and Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen go on to compete for the Miss Wisconsin and Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen titles each June, where they may win additional scholarship dollars.  In addition to scholarship assistance, contestants gain poise, confidence, public speaking abilities, interview skills, and life long friendships.  Contestants are caring, giving individuals who promote community service, positive role models and activism throughout the Onalaska and West Salem areas.  The Miss Onalaska Organization is proud to have a long line of prestigious, compassionate contestants and titleholders.

 Are you ready to join this group of young ladies and earn scholarship dollars?

Who We Are

Become Miss Onalaska 

You will Gain valuable experience and develop life skills that will benefit your everyday life (interview skills, public speaking, interpersonal communication, social interaction, etc.) earn scholarship funds for college and graduate school, regardless of whether a title is won.

You will Create awareness of your potential strengths and increase your self-confidence, find new interests and discover new opportunities. 
You Will Make lifelong friendships and relationships with other contestants and become part of the sisterhood.  

Where To Start

To become a candidate, you must be between the ages of 17 and 26, be a United States citizen and meet residency requirements for competing in the Miss Onalaska competition.  Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization, be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements; and be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local, state, and national competition(s) in which you compete.

Areas of Competition for 2022 - 2023 

Private Interview - 35%

The private interview is 10 minutes long: 9 min 30 seconds of open questions and 30 seconds at the end for the candidate to make statements on issues/subjects that she wants the judges to know about that has not been previously discussed. If discussion ends before the 30 seconds are up, then the interview ends. If a podium is used the candidate may stand behind it, or on either side of it, but not in front of it.

Talent – 35%
A good pageant talent is one that is entertaining to the audience and the judges. It can be singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, or as diverse as juggling, baton twirling, dramatic readings, and painting a picture on stage. It doesn’t have to be difficult - if you can perform a simple talent with flair and confidence, you will shine on stage!
Talent will be a maximum of 90 seconds.  Candidates should plan a performance that cannot exceed the 90 second time limit.  The judges will  determine the score of the candidate’s talent competition. Talent may not consist of more than two songs from any one piece or medley of songs. Judging of talent will also take into consideration the qualities and attributes of the candidate.

Red Carpet – 15%
Evening wear should express a sense of style and appropriateness for young women ages 17 to 26. The evening wear phase of competition is designed for the judge to assess the candidate’s poise, grace and commanding stage presence. The candidate’s total look is considered. Her evening wear (not the value of the evening wear) should complement the candidate’s individuality. It is permissible to wear cocktail dresses, evening pant suits, or long gowns.

Onstage Question / Social Impact Initiative – 15%
The judges will write and ask the Onstage Question as a continuation of the private interview. Following the candidate’s answer to the question, she will give a short statement promoting her Social Impact Initiative.

For more information Email:


Become Miss Onalaska's Outstanding Teen 

Although additional eligibility rules exist with which candidates must comply, the rules below are designed to assist with determining the eligibility for a candidate to compete in a Miss America’s Outstanding Teen State or Local Competitions, based upon the Age/Education eligibility rules of the  Miss America’s Outstanding Teen organizations.

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Candidates

Must be at least thirteen (13) years of age on the first day of the State Competition in which she competes and Must not be older than seventeen (18) years of age as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she competes, unless she is 18 years old and has not graduated from high school as of July 31st in the calendar year of the State Competition in which she competes.

For the avoidance of doubt, 13 to 18 year old high-school graduates, as well as 18 year old non-graduates as of July 31st, must compete at

Miss American Outstanding Teen level.

For more information Email:


Become Miss Onalaska/Outstanding Teen

Former Title Holders

​1977 - Peggy (Gaul) Norris
1978 - Sandy (Fletcher) Berman
1979 - Julie (Hulse) Hatlem
1980 - Barb (Mullaly) Hegenbarth
1981 - Beth (Yahnke) Slock
1982 - Cloana (Weis) Schultz
1983 - Valerie (Spangler) Schaefer
1984 - Annette (Huppert) Grant
1985 - Laura (Strozinsky) Lee-Fugina
1986 - Pamela (Rahn) Weltzein
1987 - Caroline Worra
1988 - Beth (Lovely) Henderson
1989 - Kathy (Lightfoot) Daily
1990 - Stefanie (Wolff) McCoy
1991 - Heidi (Neubauer) Schaaf
1992 - Sam McAllister
1993 - Jodi (Bakken) Deehr
1994 - Tara (Johnson) Newsome
1995 - Sarah (Bernstein) Thompson
1996 - Dawn (Varnum) Staige
1997 - Diana (Stein) Clark

1998 - Alyssa (Bruemmer) Balboa
1999 - Annette Jolivette
2000 - Jackie (Whitsette) Morris
2001 - Kim Fancher
2002 - Emily (Edwards) Wurzel
2003 - Rachel (King) Hubinger
2004 - Lindsay (Sebben) Nied
2005 - Katie (Ekern) Warner
2006 - Lynzi (Zettler) Warner
2007 - Kate (Gorman) Sweasy
2008 - Sarah Beier
2009 - Brittany (Lee) Albitz
2010 - Elizabeth (Calhoun) Colburn
2011 - Miranda (Rosenthal) Schmidt
2012 - Madeline Anderson
2013 - Audra (Fuchsel) House
2014 - April Haldeman

2015 - Emily Mihalovic

2016 - Erin (O'Brien) Bussian

2017 - McKenzie Klipp

2018 - Maddie Adickes

Miss Onalaska Outstanding Teen 

2013 - Jordenne Butler

2014 - Hannah Johnson

2015 - Annie Skogen

2016 - Taylor Eide

2017 - Lizzie Davis

2018 - Savannah Horstman

Former Title Holders
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